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Susan Amburn Professional Organizer

Susan Amburn

Susan Amburn

Professional Organizer, Estate Manager and CEO of An Organizing Company
Service Areas:  California & Available to Travel

As I reflect back on my life and interests, I realize that I must have the organizing bug in my DNA. Ever since I was a small girl I liked to have my dolls and all of their accessories arranged in a logical fashion. I also had a chest, which I named “hopeless,” and into it I stashed all of the trinkets, swatches, and baubles for my future home. Ultimately I did use all of the ideas and color schemes for my new place after I got married. Needless to say, every room was a wild and different color and I would be horrified to use that scheme today. However, at the time it was wonderful and everything was color coordinated.  After the sale of the family business, where I was the office manager, I went into real estate. I utilized my organizing and business skills to build my career in the industry.  I have helped my clients prepare for sales, moves, and up/down-sizing through the years. I have also been involved in property management, staging of homes, offices and vacation estates.

I certainly had my days of disorganization when I became a young, single, working mom. I was working at the family business when my neighbor called to let me know that it looked like my house had been broken into. My dad and I raced over to my house to discover that it had apparently been broken into by kids (they took a couple cans of root beer, my son’s piggy bank (cut open) and a turquoise ring which I had left on the kitchen shelf above the sink). As I was surveying the situation my father said, “Oh my land they have ransacked the whole place.” And of course I had to sheepishly tell him, “No Dad this is primarily how I left it this morning as I headed out the door to drop off my son at day care and get to work on time.” You should have seen the look on his face. I have thought about that experience many times and the valuable lesson that it taught me. There are times in our lives when we just flat need some helping hands with everything we have on our plates.

I am passionate about helping you re-do, re-design, re-move, re-purpose, re-begin, re-organize, re-locate and re-cover from the avalanche of life events and “stuff” that has prevented you from achieving and maintaining an organized surrounding in which to work and live. So if you are overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin, help is available and a more relaxed stress-free environment can be yours.

Confidential and respectful help is what I offer my clients. It is my goal to help you attain an amazing experience of “An Organized Life and/or Business!” Let’s get started today so you can be telling your story to others with a little humor in the past tense.

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Joanne Diaz

Professional Organizer, An Organizing Company
Joanne Diaz

Joanne Diaz

Joanne “Jo-On-The-Go” Diaz comes to our team with 30 years of experience in the engineering industry.  Her previous vocation of choice exposed her to many opportunities where she could exercise her organizational skills and “git ‘er dun” attitude.  From space planning tasks (designing newspaper conveying systems) to arranging graphics on construction plans and documents, Joanne found many cathartic outlets that satisfied her need for order and simplicity.  She is detailed oriented, highly focused and horrifically task driven.  Rumor has it tiny beads of sweat form on her upper lip when she doesn’t have a list of things to do!  Don’t be fooled by all this apparent rigidity. Joanne LOVES to have fun and has an infectiously positive outlook on life.  She brings a unique level of energy and a heart full of compassion to all her projects.  So help us help her and give us YOUR list of things to do today!