Success Stories

My two car garage was filled with boxes that needed to be purged and organized. I had no room to park my car and no room to do the organizing & purging. I had downsized from a larger home to a condominium and had leftovers that didn’t fit the new space. Also there were boxes and furniture added to my garage when my mother died; and my daughter moved in with me temporarily, bringing even more boxes. 

I was overwhelmed! I didn’t know where to start, I had no place to leave things outside and there was no room to start sorting. 

 A call to Susan brought me the help I needed. What a relief! She came up with a plan and we rented a storage pod to move things into temporarily.  I had a shoulder separation from a fall and really couldn’t do much at all myself, certainly no lifting.


Susan set a time schedule, found the help needed, and developed a process to  complete the project.  She brought in plastic storage boxes and I got rid of the silverfish bugs that had enjoyed the cardboard containers all those months.  Susan sorted items so I could decide what to keep, go through later, toss or give to charity. Things kept were labeled in the clear plastic boxes and stacked on shelves that lined the garage. 

New cupboards were installed. The cleared out garage was painted and an epoxy floor gave the garage an amazing makeover! With creativity, efficiency and hard work, Susan accomplished what I couldn’t and I’m very happy with the outcome.

Thank you Susan!



To Whom it May Concern,

I recently utilized the services of Susan Amburn of An Organizing Company. Susan temporarily packed up and then put back our office, as well as small items such as table lamps and curios throughout our home. This was coordinated so that our desks, cabinets, etc., were emptied to be moved while our hardwood floors were refinished. This all took place while we were away on an extended trip.

Susan and her team did an exceptional job of coordinating timing with the contractor, cleaning service, etc., and of keeping me apprised of the her progress. She was really on top of her role in accomplishing this job and I certainly felt I was in good hands, particularly with being out of town.

Susan was efficient and very detailed in keeping files, offices supplies, etc., organized when emptying the cabinets. Additionally, I had Susan disconnect and then reconnect the computer equipment. It was very impressive to find everything in good working order just as we had left it and be able to turn on the computer and go straight to work.

I would recommend Susan of An Organizing Company to anyone looking for a Professional Organizer.



Susan Amburn has been my “go-to” person for years for special projects!  She has the ability to cut through the overwhelming, and turn it into the beautiful. Years ago, I had to move a complex full of staged condominium models out and into storage – who did I call? Susan. Thank God, she hustled in and saved my life. She works like a beaver, and oddly enough, loves every minute of it. I don’t, which is why I depend on her. More recently I had requested she come and assist me in set up and tear down for my Grammie’s 98th birthday party. Once again, she saved my life, because I became very ill the night before the party, and Susan had to carry the whole thing out for me, as I was unable to go. She is honest, talented and fun to know besides.

~ Terri Collins

Inland Empire, CA

Susan was a life saver during a very exhausting and emotional move. I had a short period of time to relocate and my new place is significantly smaller than my previous home. I had a terrible moving day involving movers who damaged furniture, and I had 3 days to get unpacked before starting a new job. I decided at the eleventh hour to hire an organizer to help as I wanted to cry standing among my 25+ boxes in my new tiny kitchen. I hired Susan for the simple reason that she was a good listener, compassionate, professional and trustworthy, which was important to me as she would be going through everything I own. She arrived on time and was professional and friendly. I was emotionally incapable of giving her any direction and left the apartment. When I came back a few hours later, she had unpacked and organized the 25 boxes in my kitchen. It was truly an exceptional job well done.

~Lex C
Newport Beach, CA

I have used Susan Amburn and her company on my projects for 14 years. She and her team are extremely organized and efficient. There have been many projects that I could have assigned to my own staff. However, then I would have had to manage them. Instead, I assigned the projects to Susan and her team. They have proven their ability to complete the project perfectly, on time and at budget or under. This allowed me to focus my efforts on other aspects of my business.

As for Susan specifically, she is a very skilled people and project manager. Her planning and implementation demonstrates her years of experience in management. Turning a project over to Susan is an easy thing to do. I know it will be done correctly without my supervision. It is like receiving a gift of time for myself.

~Kim Melrose
Owner–Senior Designer
California Staging and Design
California Concierge Group

I’ve enjoyed many opportunities to work with Susan and experience the magic of her organizational skills, her professionalism, her positive spirit, and “get-it-done” work ethic. I would recommend her, hands down, to help with any project one might have. She turns problems into solutions!
~Sara R.
Estate Manager